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Movies: Buzzer Beater Director: Takehiko Inoue Cast:  Production Co:  Genres: Basketball, Anime Runtime:  Country: Japan Release Date: 2007 

Buzzer Beateris Inoue's second manga to focus on basketball, following his very successful second manga series,Slam Dunk. The name of the manga comes from thetermused for when a basket is scored at the same moment a period or the game itself ends. The story revolves around abasketballteam from Earth assembled to participate in an intergalacticbasketballcompetition. The web comic is released in four languages.It is said to be starting again in the near future. Inoue has revealed that it is going to take place in Planet Goru, in the past were we will find out more about Shogon (Hideyoshi's suspected father)and present Planet Goru were it talks about Hideyoshi and DT's story. The manga will switch between the two from time to time.

The original Japanese web comic is on Inoue's site, just like the others. All text in the talk bubbles was manually written by Inoue, although altered in the foreign adaptions, specifically for translation. The English translation leaves all the Japanese sound effects untranslated. None of the manga is edited. The manga's Korean translation has a completely different designed page, also replacing the Japanese sound effects with a Korean translation drawn by Inoue. The same translation was serialized inDaiwon C.I.'smanhwamagazineComic Champ, and also published under its Champ Comics line. The Chinese edition is directly translated from the Korean

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